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Yaaaaayyy!! I gots my christmas pressies early (And opened them because I'll be too busy on Christmas day to open them and such.)

From mom - DDR X, DDR superNOVA2, Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3. (Will also be getting Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The crystal bearers as a late gift)

From Ed (my mom's caseworker) - Karaoke Revolution

From my aunt and uncle - Harry potter and the half blood prince.

From grandpa and grandma - A trip to stay with Rochelle for a week! =DDD <3 <3 <3

From myself: 150$ worth of Gaia cashcards, and Dragon Age: Origins for the PC.


Gifts TO people:

Mom - purple boots and the MIB soundtrack (to replace the old one I broke years ago) and some fanfics <3

Rochelle - ME!! <333 And a fanfic.

To Josh and Jarom - a roleplay. <3

Not sure what I'm gonna do/get anyuone else. I'm kinda broke now. D8 But oh well.


OMFG I LOVE MY NEW SHIT!! I can't wait to take it down and show Rochelle. We're gonna have so much damn fun! I'm so excited.

ROCHELLE: I'm bringing candy and snacks for us to munch on while we play! <3333 WE'RE GONNA STAY UP FOR DAAAAAAAYYYYYSSSS xDDD

I've nearly shreded my vocal chords from singing so much on my karaoke game already LOLOL. I'm having a jolly good time. I'm exciteeeeed.


Christmas day we're gonna have a hugeass feast. Potroast, Turkey, Ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, baked beans, and god knows what else. It's gonna be great. Then the next day we leave and go down to aunt Terri and uncle Fred's and I go to Rochelle's from there. <3333



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