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So a vulcan walks into a bar...
...and Kirk goes "That's illogical. Vulcan's don't drink."


So, I just saw the new Star Trek movie....


......And I wasn't fucking impressed.

The movie was awesome, yes, Kirk was Kirk, Spock was Spock, ect. But serious-fucking-ly, the space-time continuum paradox thing was so fucking overdone I could've choked on my own tongue! There's been so much time paradox shit in the trek series that I'm not surprised, but STILL. It just kinda pissed me off that that "Beginning" is even fucked over by a time paradox.

I mean, my theory of space-time continuum is much different and while I do believe that alternative timelines and perhaps realities are possible, if something like that fucking happened, the whole threads of time would tear wide open and the realities would collide and the threads would possibly become too tangled. Realities would either smash together and seam or both would cease to exist because the threads of space-time would be so far blown open they'd fall apart and cease to support either realm, thus creating a super nova and possibly an even bigger black hole that swallows up another 'quadrant'/area of the galaxy, the compression of it being able to create a new space-time, thus repeating, but at the same time, CHANGING the cycle.

Or maybe I'm way off the mark, but this is what I feel would happen in all realisticness. A blackhole sucks things in and compresses it. The time-space seams would thus be compressed and re-woven back into a new thread and combined into the new space-time and there you'd have a new reality in and of itself. Am I way off the mark with this? I don't think I am... But seriously, this shit's so over done in the Trek series. It's like they use space-time paradoxes as an answer to shit instead of just using them to show other realities/sides of the story. It's more like the directors go. "Oh shit, we made a loophole. How do we fix it? TIME-SPACE PARAODX!"

....Yeah, you're talking to a major Trek fan here, but I'm also REALISTIC. Jeez. I mean, sure it's Sci-Fi, but still, the directors and shit should at least try to put some sense into it! *flails*


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