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Sasuke (12/25/2010 3:43:19 PM): i think i just had a heartattack. sassy actually has a gift for shika. xD well, you know, something more substancial than a fuck or chocolate. xD
Sasuke (12/25/2010 3:44:27 PM): Sassy: *shoves Shika a wiggling package with a semi scowl cause he looks exhausted* merry fuckin christmas... *steals a cigarette*
Unknown (12/25/2010 3:45:27 PM): Shika: .... -=looks at the package warily before looking at Sassy=- ... Will it kill me? -=been around too many weird people to not be cautious=-
Sasuke (12/25/2010 3:46:22 PM): Sassy: *blank stare*
Unknown (12/25/2010 3:47:02 PM): Shika: ....... -=stares back=- ..... I was kinda kidding. -=sighs and starts opening it=-
Sasuke (12/25/2010 3:48:29 PM): *its a fucking live chibi shadow dragon with sharingan eyes.*
Sasuke (12/25/2010 3:49:03 PM): Sassy: *yawns before going to pour himself some coffe* have fun.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 3:49:46 PM): it has a jingle bell collar and everything xD
Sasuke (12/25/2010 3:50:40 PM): made from sassy's shadow and blood. o.o it was the only way he could figure to show his...feelings without saying 'i love you' or something corny.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 3:52:36 PM): the damn thing's gonna be extremely affectionate to him xD
Unknown (12/25/2010 3:53:22 PM): Ff xDD
Unknown (12/25/2010 3:53:28 PM): That's the cutest goddamn thing.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 3:53:39 PM): it issss
Unknown (12/25/2010 3:54:04 PM): Shika: Asdjhdj. Fuck. -=almost squeed.=- KANKURO. KANKURO. LOOK AT THIS!
Unknown (12/25/2010 3:54:27 PM): Kanky: Rr. Why? What is it? -=from another room=-
Unknown (12/25/2010 3:54:32 PM): Shika: JUST. GET. IN. HERE.
Unknown (12/25/2010 3:54:59 PM): Kanky: -=sleepily drags his feet into the room=- ... Oh my god.
Unknown (12/25/2010 3:55:41 PM): Shika: -=looks like he's about to pop with happy feelings=- Ihaveneverbeenthishappybeforefuckingchrist.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 3:55:58 PM): xD
Unknown (12/25/2010 3:56:22 PM): Kanky: You better name it something fitting its adorableness.
Unknown (12/25/2010 3:56:40 PM): Shika: That's why I wanted you to come here! I fail at names, damn it.
Unknown (12/25/2010 3:58:11 PM): Kanky: Well, you could name it Puff. You know, like Puff the magic dragon.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 3:58:48 PM): lol xD
Sasuke (12/25/2010 3:59:25 PM): Dragon: *makes that adoably cute squeakyy chirpness as it bobs its head, jingling its collar*
Unknown (12/25/2010 3:59:45 PM): Kanky: FHG. -=makes the same sound Shika does=-
Unknown (12/25/2010 3:59:57 PM): Shika: AGSDF. IT'S SO FUCKING CUTE. GODDAMN IT.
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:00:51 PM): Kanky: -=leans down and pes the shadow dragon's head=- Do you like the name Puffy?
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:01:04 PM): Shika: Puff the magic dragon lived by the seaa.
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:01:28 PM): Kanky: -=snort=- And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee~
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:02:20 PM): Dragon: *nibbles at kanky's fingers, making another chirpity sound* *bobs head in time with the singingness*
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:02:33 PM): dijbduijbwx
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:02:39 PM): *dies*
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:02:50 PM): its damn cuteee
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:03:24 PM): Shika: -=even happier=- ... Can you hold Puff while I tackle Sassy?
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:03:32 PM): Kanky: -=grins=- Gladly~
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:04:31 PM): This is later!Shika and Kanky, when they've made up and gotten over another. Hence the flufff and the non angst.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:04:52 PM): loll
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:05:00 PM): yay
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:05:42 PM): Shika: -=runs off and tackles Sassy just like he said he would. doesn't know how else to get rid of his squeeishness=- I love you, you bastard.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:10:09 PM): Sassy: *yelps as he's tackled* ..... *looks surprised before giving the smallest, but real smile* Heh, I know. *fumbles for words for a second* ...It's mutual.
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:11:24 PM): Shika: Oh, and I named the dragon Puff... -=buries his face in Sassy's neck=- I fucking squealed for the first time in my life...
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:13:43 PM): Sassy: *snorts* I suppose that's as good as any other name you potheads could think of. *smiles completely but Shika can't see it* Heh...so that's what that
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:13:45 PM): sund was
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:13:50 PM): *sound
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:22:19 PM): Shika: ... Kanky squeed too. -=mutters into Sassy's neck.=- ... If the thing starts singing, I wouldn't be surprised.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:23:27 PM): Sassy: Oh, god. If you teach it to sing, I will kill the both of you. *sounds more amused than serious*
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:23:55 PM): Shika: Well, Kanky has it right now, and I bet he's still singing to it...
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:26:17 PM): Sassy: ... *snorts* Wonderful.
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:26:54 PM): Shika: Eh, maybe he can teach it how to play the piano. He probably would if we asked...
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:27:33 PM): *now wants to make th dragon be able to croon/chirp the song xD*
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:34:31 PM): Kanky: Uh... Guys... I think it decided it wanted to eat my piano.
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:34:38 PM): Shika: ... What?
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:36:17 PM): Sassy: Well, Jesus, it's hungry. it hasn't eaten yet. *rolls its eyes* just give it some raw meat with chocolate syrup...
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:36:25 PM): Puff: *gnaws*
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:37:24 PM): Kanky: ... Ff, I am so glad I'm friends with an actual dragon. -=doesn't have any raw meat in his house, ff=-
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:38:02 PM): Shika: ... Man, do you really want to bother them on Christmas? Stork may try eating you.
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:38:28 PM): Kanky: Not if I poofle there. How bad can he be?
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:38:30 PM): Sassy: cooked meat works too but preferably raw...
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:40:47 PM): Shika: Stork hibernates when it snows.
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:42:07 PM): Kanky: Bah... -=flips out his phone, then=- ...Hey. Yeah. I have a dragon thing I need to feed, and I don't have any raw meat. ...Yes, I know that it's snowing. ...Yeah. ...As much as you can.
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:43:14 PM): Shika: ... Did you call their house phone like an idiot?
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:43:27 PM): Kanky: ... -=glares at=- No.
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:47:37 PM): Kanky only buys meat once a week, and he's out. xD
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:48:13 PM): Lol xD
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:48:33 PM): Kanky: -=off the phone=- He acted like I was asking him to walk miles to my house in the snow. -=sighs=- Why do they both have to be cold blooded...?
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:49:16 PM): xD
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:49:37 PM): Rapier: ... Because a warm blooded reptile is just strange. -=says from behind him, his body in human form but his wings splayed out.=-
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:50:00 PM): Kanky: -=twitches=- Fucking Christ!
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:50:32 PM): Puff: !!! *squeals, splays its wings out as well, chattering madly*
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:51:09 PM): Rapier: ... -=sighs and holds out a huge piece of dripping meat=- ... -=stares down at Puff, and his mood changes=- ... Well, I guess I can't be angry at that...
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:51:48 PM): Kanky: It's so cute that it made /Shika/ squeal. -=snerks=-
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:52:09 PM): Puff: *shrieks in happiness and all but gobbles the  meat down happily, chirping and crooning*
Sasuke (12/25/2010 4:52:40 PM): bweee
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:58:13 PM): Rapier: ..... -=chuckles softly=- Well, I can see why it did.
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:58:34 PM): Shika: .... -=embarrassed to death.=-
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:59:25 PM): Rapier: And I'm supposing the shadow demon in it wants chocolate...
Unknown (12/25/2010 4:59:51 PM): Kanky: -=shrugs=- I can deal with that part just fine.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:01:03 PM): Sassy: considering it came from myy blood, probably...
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:01:59 PM): Rapier: Stork likes to call your house the Chocolate Delight Cruise... So, yes. -=pets Puff with two fingers=- ...I figured so.
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:02:11 PM): Kanky: ... Cruise?
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:02:40 PM): Rapier: He still refers to certain places as ships. -=smiles wryly=-
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:03:05 PM): Kanky: My ship is a goddamn cruise~!
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:03:10 PM): Rapier: Yes, yes. Don't let it get to your head.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:03:33 PM): Ita made gaara a shadow/blood creature, too. only its not a dragon. xD
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:04:01 PM): What is it? xD
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:04:24 PM): Puff: *starts chirping puff the magic dragon, jingling its collar to make a tune*
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:04:34 PM): Shika: .... Oh my god.
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:05:03 PM): Kanky: -=just barely refrains from cackling=-
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:05:16 PM): a raven. kind of a symbolism. cause gaaras a writer, kinda like how edgar allen poe had a raven as a muse.
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:05:35 PM): Rapier's probably going to get a call from Gaara too. xD Gaara's a vegetarian.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:05:36 PM): Sassy: *facepalms*
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:06:41 PM): lmao
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:07:35 PM): It's funny when Rapier, Stork, Gaara, and Shika eat together. Stork and Gaara have all the vegetables, and Rapier and Shika have the meat.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:08:01 PM): lmaooo
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:10:40 PM): Dei also has gifts for kanky and tobes
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:15:28 PM): dei...well, reinnovated the shop and got kanky and himself new tools/kits for their respective professions, moved in said bed into the shop, got the washer and
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:15:29 PM): driers...
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:15:57 PM): and for tobes, got him an entire art room for himself in said shop so he can play xD
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:16:09 PM): complete with art stuffs
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:20:22 PM): Kanky got Dei some special explosives, special paint, and some more jewlelry.
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:20:59 PM): Special paint from Stork, meaning it does something with the explosives and making them.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:21:27 PM): lol
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:23:11 PM): yaaayyy *giggle*
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:23:19 PM): Tobes made everyone special amulets... he enchante them with some kind of kinjutsu that will enhance everyone's inner powers.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:26:01 PM): and as for kisa... welll... xD
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:26:25 PM): he made his traditional special nachos and salsa and shiz xD
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:26:47 PM): its so spicy and awesome you dont even need drugs to go on a trip xD
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:29:53 PM): last time itachi tried it...well...lets just say it involved ukeleles coconut bras sparkles pink rainbows and van halen how it was all related i have no clue.
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:30:04 PM): What. xDD
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:30:16 PM): Ita: ...*twitch* never again... *shudder*
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:30:30 PM): -=wants to draw that. agh=-
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:31:08 PM): Kisa: *noming on said nachos and salsa* what, you don't wanna hear van halen singing dreams while you trip out?
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:31:27 PM): Ita: *twitch* not really...
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:32:07 PM): Sassy: at least you didnt have undead leprechauns chasing you...
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:33:06 PM): -=forgot which Shika had that happen to him, but figures it was au!Shika=-
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:33:24 PM): Shika: It fucking bled rainbows at me.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:33:29 PM): Dei: does having a frog with a tongue piercing trying to beat you count?
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:33:58 PM): Kanky: Goddamn, you guys make me wish I were allergic to drugs. I've only had epic trips.
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:36:46 PM): Kanky: I had one where I was in rainbow armor and riding a unicorn. WE SLAYED THE UNDEAD.
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:37:28 PM): Shika: ... While in real life, you were on the back of the couch flailing around a cheese block.
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:37:34 PM): Kanky: It was epic to me, okay?
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:38:07 PM): Dei: xD
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:39:19 PM): Tobes: *leaps onto Dei's back, grabs his bangs and reins them back* GIDDYAAAAPPPP!!! *obviously has eaten some of kisa's nachos and salsa*
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:39:53 PM): Kanky: -=makes a choking laugh kind of sound=- Hrrk.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:39:55 PM): Dei: fejhjijbwkodvdubijd KISA I'LL KILL YOU!! *flails, trying to get tobes to let go*
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:40:21 PM): Kisa: *cackling too*
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:41:05 PM): Tobes: *waves a broom around like a lance*
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:41:23 PM): Kanky: He must be having the unicorn trip~ <3
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:41:36 PM): Shika: ... What if he mistakes us for the undead?
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:41:56 PM): Kanky: Well, it's just a broom. Your hard head could probably break it.
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:42:05 PM): Shika: FUCK YOU.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:42:34 PM): Tobes: have at thee, mexican party thing!! harharhr!! *swipes at kisa*
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:42:55 PM): Dei: oh god not this again.
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:43:07 PM): Kanky: -=bites at his bottom lip and bowls over laughing=-
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:43:42 PM): Kisa: goddammit i told you not to let him watch how to train your dragon again!! Dx
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:44:25 PM): Dei:  AND I TOLD YOU NOT TO LET HIM HAVE ANY NACHOS--OWW!! *yelps at the hair pulling*
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:45:09 PM): he thinks he's a viking riding a dragon xD
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:45:34 PM): Kanky: Hey. Hold on. I'll fix it. -=poofles and comes back a few minutes later with chocolate brownies and chocolate syrup=- Look, Tobes!
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:45:59 PM): The hell is Gaara? xD
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:46:30 PM): Gaara: Eating Christmas dinner with respectable people and avoiding the shenannigins, thank you very much. -=noming on brocolli=-
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:47:16 PM): Tobes: RAAAAWWWWRRR *flies off of dei magically and tackles the brownies and syrup once again becoming...chocolate-man!* *once agan, like last year, gets tangled in a web of chocolate to the ceiling*
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:47:45 PM): Kanky: GODDAMN IT, NOT AGAIN.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:48:47 PM): with ita somewhre?
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:49:08 PM): i get this idea that ita takes him somewhre fanciful and quiet...
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:50:17 PM): Kisa: how the hell does he manage to get the chocolate that stringy and sticky? *pulling at said chocolate*
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:50:48 PM): Dei: i wonder if he's like a spider and it's his saliva?
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:51:04 PM): kisa: *immediately lets go of said chocolate* ew.
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:51:17 PM): Kanky: ... That just sounds silly.
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:51:31 PM): Shika: Says the man who believes in unicorns.
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:51:53 PM): Kanky: Says the man who believes in ninja turtles!
Unknown (12/25/2010 5:52:04 PM): Shika: AGH.
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:52:15 PM): tobes: ninja turtleeeessss
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:54:27 PM): Dei: hmmm.... *gets a bucket of clorox and mixes some super glue in ix, thus dissolving the stickyness and gets a hose and sprays it on the chocolate*
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:55:08 PM): Tobes: *stares comically like a cartoon* .... *waves at the ceiling* bye-bye. *falls*
Sasuke (12/25/2010 5:58:01 PM): unbeknowist to them, ita has tape recorders everywhere recording this shit for blackmails and christmas memories xD

Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:34:11 AM): oh my god
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:35:05 AM): *ANGSTS* i just got through playing the part in ninja storm two where itachi dies and madara tells sasuke the truth....
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:35:07 AM): bjcuiojbxjinjkd
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:35:09 AM): *wails*
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:35:22 AM): i also saw deidei die... and and...fuuuck Dx
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:36:02 AM): Dei: Dx! let's not mention dieing.... I still get nightmares about the whole incarnation thing about it.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:36:48 AM): Ita: ...i'd let myself die a similar death if i ever had to... *frowns*
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:37:13 AM): Dei: that's cause you're not nearly as different as the original...
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:37:46 AM): Kanky: I can't believe my original self is with who he's with, considering how gay he is.
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:38:20 AM): Kanky: Or that he's with her at all, considering how scary she gets.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:38:29 AM): Ita: hm.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:38:29 AM): xD
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:38:29 AM): Dei: *gigglesnort*
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:38:54 AM): Kanky: And, yeah, I'm trying to ignore the whole...us being enemies in the canon. I like seeing shit blow up now.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:38:54 AM): Dei: better her than some of the other girl's, right?
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:39:16 AM): Kanky: Christ. Hey, at least I got her punch out of it.
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:39:36 AM): Kanky: And so did Temari, come to think of it...
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:39:46 AM): Kanky: Gaara may have it to...
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:39:48 AM): Dei: *giggles* true.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:40:05 AM): Dei: i don't want to find out.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:40:16 AM): Ita: ...he does.
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:40:49 AM): Kanky: -=grins=- Hell yeah! But, also I got her gambling problem somehow. I don't know how to explain that.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:41:11 AM): xD
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:41:11 AM): Sassy: great, they get kage-punches and we got a chocolate addiction. and backtalking shadows.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:41:30 AM): Ita: mine doesn't back talk...
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:41:37 AM): Shika: Maybe they all got the gambling thing.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:41:50 AM): Sassy: that's cause youre too damn nice.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:42:12 AM): Senth: or you're too damn stubborn
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:42:21 AM): Sassy: dnhjibw RAWR
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:42:22 AM): Shika: I got stuck with the shadow from hell. He's like having somebody shove a pin in my eye every day.
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:42:34 AM): Errtu: Maybe if you tried being useful, I would encourage you.
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:42:37 AM): Shika: FUCK OFF.
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:43:23 AM): Stork: Oi, shadowthing. Lay the fuck off. It's my job to torment the kid.
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:43:29 AM): Shika: YOU CAME OUT OF HIBERNATION.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:43:31 AM): Sassy: if it were like having a pin in your eye...wouldn't your sharingan have gone faulty by now?
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:43:44 AM): Stork: Rapier woke me up while getting meat or something. -=wrapped up still=-
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:43:59 AM): Shika: .... I MEANT THAT IT WAS THAT DAMN PAINFUL.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:44:12 AM): Puff: *chirps cutely*
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:45:20 AM): Sassy: ....how is it this thing came from my blood and shadow and yet is the exact opposite of me...? *pokes at puff's wings curiously*
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:45:53 AM): Stork: .... That's a baby dragon. -=sounds surprised=- ... God fucking damn it. -=squints at it=- Yeah. It being cute doesn't help, either.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:46:02 AM): Puff: *squawks indignantly and snorts at sassy, singing his fingers*
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:46:15 AM): Sassy: ufeofvbnd FUCK
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:46:23 AM): Rapier: ... I leave for one second, and you're backtalking children. -=sighs and snatches Stork away=-
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:46:54 AM): Puff: *beams*
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:47:15 AM): Kanky: ... Bad Puff! No chocolate for you! -=whaps it very lightly since he would feel bad hitting it=-
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:48:00 AM): Shika: ... I should be the one scolding it, but okay.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:48:13 AM): Puff: *makes a whining sound*
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:48:51 AM): Kanky: ..... Hrrk. Maybe he's just hungry again.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:49:15 AM): Sassy: no, i think i pissed him off...
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:49:28 AM): Senth; you're good at that.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:49:34 AM): sassy: STFU
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:50:39 AM): Gaara: .. -=finally with everyone=- Ah. -=the raven is on his shoulder=- You have a pet dragon now?
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:50:55 AM): Puff: *sneezes...and accidentally sets dei's hair on fire*
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:51:02 AM): Shika: I don't know if it's mine of Kanky's, honestly. ...And you have a--
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:51:03 AM): dei: !!!! *screams*
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:51:08 AM): Kanky: JSDFHJK.
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:51:29 AM): Shika: .... Raven. o__o;
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:51:29 AM): Sassy: *dies laughing*
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:51:57 AM): Kanky: AGH. SINK. -=drags Dei with him, turns in the sink, and dunks him down into it=-
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:52:09 AM): Ita: i've told him not to use so much aqua net in his hair...
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:52:24 AM): Dei: *drowns now Dx*
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:52:38 AM): Puff: D: *feels bad*
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:52:52 AM): Kanky: ... -=flushes and pulls Dei out of the sink=- I had a panic attack. Sorry.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:53:29 AM): Dei: *flails* my hair's ruineddd *cries*
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:53:58 AM): Gaara: I lead myself to think that I should buy a tv, and then I see this... -=sighs=- At least I know interesting people.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:54:13 AM): Sassy: *so red faced from laughing he can't stand up straight*
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:54:16 AM): Kanky: It's better than you dying, right?!
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:54:36 AM): Shika: -=more interested in Gaara's raven thingy=- What'd you name it?
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:54:37 AM): Ita: indeed. we should have our own reality tv show.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:55:36 AM): Dei: true, but, but, my hairrrrr Dx *cries still* 18 fucking years worth of growth and now it's all for shit!
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:56:11 AM): Gaara: It would get a second season, at the least... ... I was thinking something like Edgar. -=looks away, sounding embarrassed=-
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:56:38 AM): Shika: ... -=his face twists into a thoughtful pout as he leans forward to pet the raven's head=-
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:56:38 AM): Puff: *hops onto Shika's should and hides itself as best it can, making sad crooning noises*
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:57:26 AM): Shika: Asdj. ... -=sighs and pulls Puff into his arms for a hug=-
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:57:56 AM): Sassy: at least it's not named after a pothead song...
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:58:05 AM): Ita: *brow raise*
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:58:21 AM): Sassy: they named th damn dragon puff...
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:59:20 AM): Ita: *snort*
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:59:23 AM): Shika: He looks like a puff, anyway. ...Or she. I can't tell.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:59:33 AM): Puff: *blows smoke at sassy and starts chirping the song proudly*
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:59:50 AM): Sassy: *facepalms*
Unknown (12/26/2010 1:59:54 AM): Kanky: .... I love that fucking dragon.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 1:59:58 AM): Ita: ..... *amused*
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:00:29 AM): Gaara: .... Do you think I can touch it?
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:00:30 AM): Dei: i can't hate the damn thing cause it was an accident my hair was ruined...
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:01:14 AM): Puff: *trills~*
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:01:20 AM): Kanky: As soon as possible, I'm dragging you over to have one of my friends fix your hair. Okay? Do you remember the blue-haired guy?
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:01:40 AM): Shika: ...I think that was a yes. -=sounds surprised=-
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:02:41 AM): Gaara: -=creeps forward and runs a shaky hand over Puff's head=- ... -=glances up at Shika=- Did you have to name it that?
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:03:00 AM): Dei: *thinks for a long sec* ...nil, right?
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:03:00 AM): Sassy: it's the exact damn opposite of me, i'm telling you.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:03:09 AM): Shika: It was Kanky's idea. -=shrugs=- I probably would've named it Dragula.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:03:34 AM): Gaara: ... Yeah, Kankuro's name was better.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:04:30 AM): Ita: actually i think it's just exhibiting your child like qualities... you were very cute and attention craving back then.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:04:30 AM): Sassy: AIFHUIJVHUIJB STFU
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:04:31 AM): Kanky: Yeah. He also does hair. We can look through magazines and he'll give you the style you want! -=huggles=-
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:04:36 AM): Puff: *trills again and nibbles at gaara's fingers playfully*
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:05:01 AM): Dei: okay~ *clings to*
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:05:10 AM): Gaara: ...... -=bites back a smile, but some of it seeps through=- That's definitely a Puff.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:06:33 AM): and if you're wonderin where tobes and kisa are...they passed out on beanbags after having one too many nacho del magica or whatever kisa calls it.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:06:38 AM): xD
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:07:29 AM): Puff: *puffs out proudly and once again starts singing the song and jingles his collar in time*
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:08:17 AM): Ita: ....if it grows fast we may have to buy yet another house to keep it in...
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:08:37 AM): Sassy: more lik a skyscraper. o.o
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:08:54 AM): Shika: ... I didn't think about it growing.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:09:18 AM): Gaara: ..... -=stares at Shika=- Shadows grow, don't they?
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:09:26 AM): Sassy: i didn't either...
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:09:45 AM): Shika: ... Yeah, but... I want him to stay hugging size forever! ...Or her.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:10:14 AM): Gaara: It would be safer just to call it an 'it'...
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:10:39 AM): Ita: and this is why i made my gaara's raven adult form so it would grow too big... because kami knows how large it couldve grown...
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:11:14 AM): Sassy: we could put a jutsu on it...
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:11:14 AM): ita: that's kind of cruel...
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:11:53 AM): Shika: .... I wonder if it could...no, that would just be weird.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:12:18 AM): Gaara: ... -=thinks he knows what Shika's thinking=- ... That /could/ be possible, though.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:12:25 AM): Shika: ... But it would just be weird!
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:12:39 AM): Gaara: It's better than a huge dragon looming over the city, right?
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:12:41 AM): Senth: ...shadows shrink, too. just keep it in medium light.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:12:55 AM): Shika: But how wo-- That's way easier.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:12:56 AM): Sassy: o_o;;
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:13:30 AM): Senth: i figured you'd be too stupid to remember to put a limiter on it.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:14:01 AM): Shika: One of the guys who look after us is actually a dragon, but he goes around most of the time in a human form, so that had me
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:14:06 AM): thinking something stupid.*
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:14:29 AM): Sassy: STFU
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:15:16 AM): Errtu: It's nice to know that you're both equally stupid.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:15:20 AM): Shika: FUCK OFF.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:15:50 AM): Senth: this dragon could take a human form...given a few milennia's.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:15:50 AM): Sassy: Dx
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:15:50 AM): Ita: also why i chose a simple animal...creature...
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:16:24 AM): Shika: .... Fucking hell.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:17:38 AM): Sassy: i didn't think it was any different than the water dragons i make! they don't grow or anything! Dx
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:17:40 AM): Senth: you used a limited source of water, moron. you took from your own shadow..the essence is limitless.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:18:07 AM): tu!Kiba: -=flies by, raining magical mushrooms down on everyone, killing the mood=-
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:18:14 AM): Shika: .... The fucking hell was that?
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:18:21 AM): Sassy: AURGH. WHY DON'T YOU TELL ME THIS SHIT BEFORE HAND.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:18:50 AM): Dei: .....
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:19:04 AM): Kanky: ...... -=whacked by a mushroom=- WHAT THE HELL.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:19:42 AM): Senth: ....I'm blinded by that for a moment. anyway, i TRIED to tell you and you ignored me.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:20:19 AM): Puff: *eats one of the mushrooms*
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:20:23 AM): Kanky: ..... -=staring a rainbow mushroom=- ...
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:20:29 AM): Shika: OH SHIT.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:20:35 AM): Sassy: no i did--oh shit.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:20:56 AM): Gaara: ..... I feel that I should be taking my leave soon.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:21:14 AM): Gaara: And yet, I feel inclined to stay and watch.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:22:14 AM): Ita: .....*thinks its best time to leave now~* *grabs gaara and poofles*
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:22:15 AM): too bad
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:22:17 AM): xD
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:22:28 AM): dei: *gets the hell out of dodge for the sake of his hair*
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:22:49 AM): Kanky: ..... TU!KIBA, YOU ARE GOING TO PAY. -=rage!poofle!=-
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:22:58 AM): Puff: *burps a rainbowy fireball*
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:23:04 AM): Shika: .....
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:23:14 AM): Shika: Well, that wasn't as bad as everyone thought.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:23:57 AM): ...No.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:24:22 AM): puff: *burps agan and this time it rains sparkles...* *but then it gets indegestion and the real trouble starts*
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:24:47 AM): Sassy: ....i'm not going to survive this, am i?
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:25:00 AM): Shika: ........ What the fuck. I'm not on acid, right?
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:25:01 AM): Senth: probably not~ *poofs*
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:25:22 AM): Shika: .... I say we should run and come back later.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:25:46 AM): Kanky: TU!KIBA. -=back with him=- EXPLAIN YOURSELF.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:26:05 AM): tu!Kiba: Hu~ Don't be so angry~ The mood was so tense~
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:26:27 AM): Kanky: PUFF ATE THE MUSHROOM.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:26:40 AM): Puff: *expands to ungodly purportions fo a chibi dragon before letting out a gigantic fart of rainbowy gass and burps fire...which makes contact with the gas
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:26:50 AM): tu!Kiba: Huu. Puff's the dragon~? ..... .....
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:27:00 AM): and blows up the place and thus makes rainbows everywhere in konoha*
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:27:04 AM): Shika: SDJKGHKJK.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:27:37 AM): Kanky: DEAR GOD, WHY.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:28:02 AM): Sassy: ............well, at least konoha gets a sight to see.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:28:51 AM): tu!Kiba: And, with that, I'll be going~ -=poofles=-
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:29:01 AM): Kanky: GODDAMN IT, I JUST CAUGHT HIM. -=flails=-
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:29:22 AM): Ita: *can see it and he and gaara are in a totally different konoha--warped them both to the vu world*
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:29:28 AM): xD
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:29:38 AM): the rainbowyest fart to end all farts
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:29:38 AM): Shika: HOW COULD YOU LET HIM GO.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:29:52 AM): Kanky: HE'S LIKE THE CHESIRE CAT.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:30:16 AM): Gaara: .... You know, I usually hate rainbows, but that... .... I didn't mind it...
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:30:39 AM): Kank: ......... -=sees it from his world. it fucked up one of his photos=- ... KIIBAAA.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:31:18 AM): Puff: *burps and this time, keels over afterwards in a dead faint*
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:31:28 AM): Kanky: ... Another one of my selves feels our pain.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:31:41 AM): Shika: ..... Did it die...?
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:31:42 AM): Sassy: ...i hope it didn't kill it...
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:32:04 AM): Dara: *blinks and squints* i didn't see anything...
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:32:08 AM): Kanky: If it did, I can assure you, if I see any Kiba, he will die. -=says in a shaky, scary voice=-
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:32:42 AM): Kank: There was a rainbow in the way!
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:33:44 AM): Dara: There was...? oh, oh.. *giggles nervously* of course there was. sorry, i must've blinked when it happened.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:35:03 AM): Shika: ..... -=stoops down, his knees bent, and pokes Puff=-
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:35:05 AM): he tries so hard to hide that he's colour blind D:
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:35:51 AM): Kank: I do not need rainbows right now. -=grumbles=- That's not what the article is about.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:35:54 AM): Puff: *breathing, every exhale you can see faint glimmers of rainbow in his smoke*
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:36:17 AM): Shika: ... Kibas everywhere unfortunately get to live.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:36:56 AM): Dara: I'm sorry. Is there any way to fix it...?
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:37:21 AM): Sassy: i'm still for killing that world's kiba.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:38:47 AM): Dei: that would invoke aka and saku's wrath...a pissed off canine mechanoid and a super punching pink haired girl wouldnt be on my list of things to cross...
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:39:10 AM): Dei: *came back to get tobes to put him to bed*
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:40:00 AM): Kanky: I think tu!me would be on our side, though.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:40:17 AM): Kanky: ... But, yeah. That's a suicide mission, and I don't do those anymore.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:41:15 AM): Kank: Well, it's gone now... -=mutters=- ... But now the lighting's wrong.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:41:17 AM): Dei: yeah, no suicides~
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:42:48 AM): Dara: *frowns, sighing* I'm sorry. I feel like bad luck happens whenever i'm around. first crashing into you, spilling paint, ect... *pouts*
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:43:33 AM): I CAN'T BEIEVE I MISSED THE CHANCE TO MAKE A DOUBLE RAINBOW JOKE. AGHHH. -=facepalming=-
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:43:37 AM): delieve*
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:43:38 AM): sdgvkh
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:43:41 AM): Believe*
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:44:27 AM): Kanku: Ooh, I spy with my little eye a triple rainbow~ All the way across the sky~! <3
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:45:08 AM): Sasuke: *actually saw the damn rainbow....and they're in th 'past'*
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:45:48 AM): Shikamaru: ...... -=saw it too. takes a second to stare at his cigarette and back at the rainbow=- ....
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:46:07 AM): Shikamaru: I think it may be time to quit smoking.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:46:07 AM): Sas: ...... *snorts* that...just gave me an idea. kanku, triple frill rainbow skirt with zippers at the end instead of lace~
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:46:43 AM): Sasuke: ....*snorts* no if i saw it, too.
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:46:46 AM): Kanku: Shikamaru will look gorgeous, sir~! <3
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:47:17 AM): Shikamaru: .... Then maybe we just need some sleep.
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:47:42 AM): Diru: *jealous, hurrr*
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:48:05 AM): Shiko: ... Y-You're sticking me in what this time?
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:48:25 AM): Kanku: -=smirks devillishly=-
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:48:34 AM): Sas: hmmm... *sketches the full outfit completely* somthin like this~ can you get that sewn in a day?
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:49:05 AM): Sas: oh, nothing too short of spectacular, that's all~
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:49:18 AM): Kanku: I can get it done in hours, sir~! Just for the sheer anticipation of seeing Shiko in it~
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:49:33 AM): Shiko: ... Can I see that?
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:49:39 AM): Sas: do it~
Unknown (12/26/2010 2:50:04 AM): Kanku: In due time, dear Shiko~ -=runs off=-
Sasuke (12/26/2010 2:50:11 AM): Sasuke: okay~


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